Welcome to the Garden Gems section of djvail designs.  Each image is an original copyrighted photograph by Dj Vail.  Each photo is printed on acid-free paper and is suitable for framing.  All cards are available blank inside or with custom sayings or sentiments.  Items with an asterisk (*) have a choice of greeting on the front of the card.
Garden Gems  page 1
GG01 Blue Hydrangea
GG02 Foxglove
GG03 Bleeding Heart
GG04 Glauca Rose
GG05 Green & White Orchid
GG06 Hydrangea
GG07 Orange Mum*
GG08 Orchid Cluster
GG09 Purple & Yellow Iris*
GG10 Purple Orchid
GG11 Ranunculus*
GG12 Red & Yellow Orchids
GG13 Snowbeauty Rose*
GG14 Stargazer Lily*
GG15 Susan's Hydrangea
GG16 White Peony*
GG17 Zinnia Envy*
GG18 Geranium Basket
GG19 Anemone Sylvestri*
GG20 Iris Blossoms
GG21 Clematis John Warren
GG22 Purple Daisy*
GG23 Yellow Gerbera*
GG24 Mock Orange Blossom*
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