Greeting Cards & Prints
Thank you for your interest in our greeting cards.  Each card is an original copyrighted photograph by Dj Vail and is printed on acid-free card stock.
Our greeting cards come in two formats:
  1) Image and greeting on the  
      front and blank inside -            
      these images are marked
      with an asterisk (*)
  2) Image only on the front and
      blank or greeting inside
Choice of greetings include:
   A. Happy Birthday    
   B. Happy Anniversary
   C. Thank You
   D. Thinking of You
   E. With Sympathy
   F. Get Well
   G. Other
We are also able to do custom
greetings in quantities of 6 or more.
Individual matted prints are also available in a range of sizes.
Please contact us for more information or to place an order: